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Customs Clearance

BEST CARE SHIPPING specializes in customs with experienced team who have deep knowledge about laws and regulations on products. We consult free of charge to customers about import and export documents, tax code, customs clearance…

BEST CARE SHIPPING makes all custom procedures such as calculating tax, preparing customs declaration, pick up Delivery Order, preparing customs documents, registering declaration, inspection, calculating tax for getting declaration, liquidating customs... , imposing tax at the lowest level and protecting our customers.Your cargo is cleared and trucking sufficiently, fully, safely and punctually. With our services, our customers definitely believe because we know how to help our customers to save time and expenditure.

Our Services Including:
- Loading and Unloading.
- Packing.
- Customs Clearance.
- Apply for Import and Export Permit.
- Apply for Certificate of Origin.
- Apply for Phytosanitary Certificate.
- Apply for Certificate of Food Hygiene and Safety.