Algeria to export dates to Vietnam

A representative from Algeria’s Ministry of Agriculture revealed that the country is conducting all necessary procedures to export dates to Vietnam. 


Processing dates in Algeria - Photo VNA

Particularly, some Algerian businesses have found Vietnamese partners to negotiate conditions to distribute this product in the Southeast Asian country.

Officials from the Embassy of Vietnam in Algeria joined nearly 160 Algerian and foreign businesses and diplomats at the third international exhibition on dates opened on December 2 in Biskra province - one of the most agriculture-strong localities in Algeria.

The three-day event introduces high-grade dates harvested in oases in southern Algeria, including the popular one Deglet Nour.

It also features handicrafts made from date palms and local farm produce as well as equipment for agriculture, livestock and cultivation.

Sadek Khalil, Director of the Biskra Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the expo drew a lot of enterprises from African, European and Asian nations with the main goal of promoting agri-products and seek trade partners.

Statistics showed that Algeria exports around one million tonnes of dates annually, ranking fourth in the world in the total output (making up about 14 percent) after Iran, Egypt and Tunisia.

Theo VNA